All I do as of late is cry.

Tears for no reason. Tears for all the reasons. Stress tears. Happy tears. All the tears. Emotional. Always emotional.  


I have no response. I have no hopes. I have nothing to give. Nothing left to offer. What am I even doing with myself? What am I doing with myself? What is this mundane madness? There is no room left to react. Nothing left to do. What am I even doing with my life?  

I only went silent

As the rage consumed me. How dare you. How dare you. How dare you try to Invade my boundaries. What gave you the impression, The right to try and lay a hand on me? I went silent in rage. Then the venom flew from my mouth As I shouted at you. You have no right.

passing words from others

You are overworked. Thank you, Captain Obvious. Of this, I am aware. But I must overwork myself. It is who I am. You have no life. I know this. And embrace it. You can not comprehend it. I must work. I must work. You do not get it. You are going to have an impact…

Demons Call

Every time I took a blade to my flesh, the world went quiet as could be. My demons leaned over my shoulder, they encouraged me.   The world was so silent. Except for their call. I heard nothing except them. I was giving them all.   Once I felt that sharp sting, the world exploded.…