Fighting. Bickering. Picking. Yelling. Crying. Arguing. Shouting. Back and forth. Back and forth.  

A Drunken Kiss

Months later, finding out, hurts. It made me numb. I knew she hit on you. You told me that. She made advances on you. But, she drunkenly kissed you. You just now told me. Months later. I have never felt this territorial rage before. And rage at you for not telling me then. What is…

I am sorry

That I am not perfect. Not ideal. I get emotional. Have these outbursts. Do not know how to handle myself. I can not contain myself sometimes. The emotions. Insanity. I am sorry I am not perfect. But thank you for loving me regardless of my flaws.


I promised to love you. Again and again. To love you, to support you. Thick. Thin. I found a friend. A partner. A lover. In you. I am here; I am here. We are one. I swear to love you through it all. We got this. We do.


My heart is on the edge. Are you still with me? My hands reach for you. Your face, I can not see. Love, let yourself free. Let me help you fight. I am here to help. Let me help you fight. I want to hold you tight. Are you still with me? I am here.…


Now, I lay down to sleep. Even lost to dreams, you pull me in. I bury myself in your embrace. Lost to safety. Warmed by your skin. My overgrown teddy bear, My protector from the wretched night. Now, I lay myself down to rest. Loved, as my dreams take flight.