Silly Moments

Are all they are. Meaningless. Pointless. But they feel strong. Impact more than they should. Make you curl in on yourself. Emotionally compromised and insecure in the darkness. You cry to yourself. Will yourself to not feel. Feel nothing.. If you feel nothing, then you are better than these silly moments.


Pardon my language, but….

You have made me feel like A piece of shit. You have reduced me to dirt. I'm destroying myself Because I am so  Upset Disturbed Unnerved Unsettled Over all that you've said. I'm sorry. But I feel so wretched. You always do this. Every time we are intimate, You treat me poorly days after. What…

I’m starving.

I truly am. My hands shake. My stomach aches. My mind grows fuzzy. I desperately desire to consume sustanence, yet I am unable to. Everything turns to ash before I taste it. Before I can savor it. Before I can find comfort in the simplest of bits.  I can pick up the smallest thing. It…