The world spun faster. She laughed. She laughed. Dead, was the master. She cried. She cried.

The sky is cold. The lights are dim. Hold me tight. There is no warmth. Keep me close. Do not let me drift. I need your flame. Times are grim.    

The world is drenched in darkness. There is only screaming, screaming in my head. The only shade known is that of sadness. There is no light to around. It is just dark.  

The way the sun hits your face, Makes my heart jump up a pace. That little smile you give me, Becomes all that I can even see.


You are mine. And I am yours. You are your own. And I am my own. We coexist and are one. We complete and compliment one another. And, in every life, every variation, I choose you.

You were my friend.

Or, so I thought. You were my friend. But you hurt me. Again. This cycle must end. My dearest companion, Why did you abandon me? Do you know the damage? Can you even see? It was a day that I anticipated. Excited, I was for that night. But, you were not there with me. What…

My despair has expanded. I am unable to do anything right. Or, so I feel.  My depression is tickling the curve of my ear. I can not hear the words. I can just feel the breathing.  There is self doubt. I just feel mildly insecure. Not painfully. Just mildly.  The stress and lack of sleep…


When I was a young girl, not once did I ever imagine being where I am now in terms of relationships. Not once did I imagine falling for a creature twenty years my senior. But I was always one for the unconventional arrangements. They fascinated me and inspired me in my writing.  However, it never…