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How can I do more? How can I do more for you? I ask myself this daily. I want to do more for you, for us. But, how? I long to provide. I long to do more. I am trying.... Continue Reading →

Weight Gain

And froze. The world sank. Static. The voices I had not heard sprang forward. Eager to pierce me with their fangs. Drag me back.

My heart is on the edge. Are you still with me? My hands reach for you. Your face, I can not see. Love, let yourself free. Let me help you fight. I am here to help. Let me help you... Continue Reading →

I saw a cat that reminded me of my childhood pet. I felt sad. Cut. Cut. Cut. I saw a group of girls giggling. Why can't I be part of that? No one likes me. Cut. Cut. Cut. I had... Continue Reading →

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