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Until, my love, you danced..

Until, my love, you ...


Silence and Projects

I have been silent.


Have you ever just felt... Stretched thin? Spread out? The world gets demanding. And you only have two hands. You're straining, straining to hold it together. For how much longer? How much more can you try to juggle? Before you... Continue Reading →

Sitting in the Airport- Journey to Atlanta

I did it! I made it through with minimal anxiety attacks. Somehow, I managed to luck out of driving myself. My wonderful partner was able to take the morning off to get me to the airport! Unfortunately, my partner was... Continue Reading →


There is no longer a map. No longer a visible destination. Lost. Everyone is lost.

I promised to love you. Again and again. To love you, to support you. Thick. Thin. I found a friend. A partner. A lover. In you. I am here; I am here. We are one. I swear to love you... Continue Reading →

Resolutions, or wishes?

Here I am. Sharing what is a common trend for this time of year. A new year. New resolutions. New everything, right? I gave up long ago on making resolutions. Now, I simply make wishes. Simple little things that are... Continue Reading →

Do I have goals?

I've asked myself this constantly. I have wants and desires, but are they considered goals? I am a college drop out, have debt, and am miserable. But, what 23 year old isn't like that in some way or other? I... Continue Reading →

I have no motivation. None. None. None. 

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