For the first time in years, I saw you in person.

I was sad. I am not angry anymore.
Disappointed. That taste lingers still. Years later.
The wounds may be shut; they are still sore.
Even now.

How do you do? Where did you go?
You made your decision. Poisoned.
Shattered time. History now. Where did you go?
You still have not owned up to your fault.

Did you even look at me?
It does not matter. Just curious.
Better off without you – did you see?
Destroyed the connection we had.

It does not phase me. I did not forget.
Toxic. I tried. You did not. Did you see that?
High. High. HIGH. White lines. Do you even regret?
I hope you get better one day.

I saw you yesterday.
You walked right by me.
To you, I have nothing to say.


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