Or, so I thought.

You were my friend.

But you hurt me. Again.

This cycle must end.
My dearest companion,

Why did you abandon me?

Do you know the damage?

Can you even see?
It was a day that I anticipated.

Excited, I was for that night.

But, you were not there with me.

What you did, was not right.
Dancing and drinking was the plan.

To laugh, to see a performance, a show.

Yet, you left me waiting at the door.

The pain, humiliation, you’ll never know.
I called. Called. Called. Called. Called.

Yet you could not, would not respond.

I stayed and drank my misery away.

With another, for you would not respond.
Imagine my dismay, when you came in.

Dressed up. Hair done and all.

With other friends. Others.

That’s why you ignored my call.
I thought you were my friend.

There until the end.

I was just your fool.